Music's Light - Glass candle holder decoupaged with piano keys and musical notes.


Glass candle holder decopauged in gold/brown paper with black piano keys and musical notes. Emits a soft glow when lit up. Decoupage is highlighted and bordered with gold satin ribbon and accented with paper musical themes, jewerly pieces and a silver toned G- cleft music charm. The top of the candle holder has the appearance of opaque stained glass. The charms are accented with a wooden button and a tiny piece of gold mesh. I have always loved music and music sheets, and images of music sheets for reasons that I might never know. Most of my crafts evolve as I make them, and this one was no exception. It started as a glass candle holder that needed cleaning after I used the candle wax for another project, and evolved into "Music's Light" as I worked on it; partially inspired by some old piano rolls that I was working with at the time. This one does not contain any piano roll paper but that does give me an idea... With the addition of fairy lights, this would make a wonderful gift for a mom that loves all things music, or anyone who would appreciate that unique edition to their music room, piano, or wherever. Candle holder comes with a strand of remote controlled fairy lights. You could also pair it with my Whimsical Tray for a beautiful, cohesive look.