Rusty, Crusty, Large Vintage Cowbell in Frame (no clapper)


Old, Rusty, Crusty Vintage Cowbell in an upcycled frame. The bell hangs from it's frame via a black and red, western style jacquard ribbon. I found a cow bell at goodwill a bit ago, and fell in love with it. Since then I have acquired 5 more (don't judge me) - all of them very rusty and crusty and beautiful. This one is almost untouched - I did apply some polyurethane to it, but ended up removing most of it because of the color change it made to the bell. These bells are beautiful on their own, however, please note that there is a possibility that the bell may acquire more rust if left in a humid area, and without a complete sealing that rust may stain the wall it is on. Also due to the size of the frame I did not put a hanger on the back, however, as you see in the thumbnail, it will hang quite well without one. Lastly, please note, there is no clapper with this bell. I do not know how old it is, but it has a lovely patina. It can easily be removed from the frame if desired. Thank you for looking!