Framed antique "Honest and Truly" Piano Roll section


This item is a framed, antique piano roll section featuring selected lyrics and piano roll notations for the Ballad "Honest and Truly" by Fred Rose, circa 1924. This piece of piano roll is likely close to 100 years old. The Lyrics state "Honest and Truly, I'm in love with you/No one has taken your place in my heart." A copy of the original music with lyrics highlights the left side, and is enhanced with decoupage flowers, music score hearts, vintage lace and decopauged piano keys. A copy of the original copyright is on the bottom of the picture. The top banner is from a copy of the original music and lyrics. The middle and right hand side are the piano roll's "music" and the piano roll lyrics, accented with vintage lace. This is a one of a kind, thoughtful gift for a music lover and a wonderful way to tell that special someone how you feel about them.