Magic Door and Key - Framed Antique Salvaged Door Knob and lock Plate with Skeleton Key


****Disclaimer - the following may or may not be true***
A friend told me they were walking through the woods, and found this picture frame hanging on the trunk of a tree. I was skeptical. He offered to take me to the tree in question. We walked through the woods a bit, and entered a clearing encircled by trees. I suddenly felt quite sleepy, and stood looking around, somewhat in a daze. A tiny blaze of light approached me and bounced around me angrily, guesturing at the little picture in my hand. I immediately held it out and the light removed the door knob and the key and thrust the now empty frame back at me. In my mind, I felt as we were being scolded for stealing one of the doorways to the Realm of the Fae, and leaving some of the Fae stranded. I closed my eyes, suddenly no longer able to fight sleep, and woke up back in my own house, in my own bed. I could not get the dream out of my head, and the frame is a recreation of the Magic Fae Door before the Fae took it back.

*** This part is true*** The frame is upcycled wood, and the door knob and face plate are both salvage items from an old North Carolina house. Next to them is a common skeleton key. It is not antigue, or Vintage, and mostly likely not even old. They sit on a sheet of handmade, recycled papers, with decoupaged flowers and butterflies down one side, and strange writing on the other (stamped). There is a piece of sack cloth, with the word "Magic" under the key, to remind the recipient that Magic is everywhere.

This is the perfect gift for someone who still believes, or wants to believe in magic, or who loves antigue door hardware. It would also be perfect in a child's room. Who knows - it might still retain a little magic from the touch of the Fae.