I have always loved minature bottles.  There's no rhyme or reason to it, I just do.  Judging by how hard to get they are, and how expensive they are, a lot of other people do too.  These ones from Cracker Barrel are getting made into something simple, but special, once they are dry.  Walmart did not have the color spray paint I wanted and I was eager to get to the "Sea Glass" color I ordered from Amazon.  Good thing I like the color, because it came missing an essential piece - the sprayer top.  That paint went on splotchy on the bottles.  And on the cardboard they were on.  And on the floor.  And on a wood box, plastic bag, and it was a good thing I was wearing gloves.  Now, I have splotches of Sea Foam or Sea Glass paint all over the place.

While I was waiting for the paint splotches to dry, so I could add a second coat of paint splotches, I went back to the other project that I thought was almost done.  And after fighting with my wimpy drill for awhile, (and seeing tendrils of smoke coming from one of the holes I was drilling, and smelling that beautiful smell of "campfire wood") I thought I might have gotten it to finally work properly.  Fully charged?  Check.  Set to the right settings?  Maybe, probably, not sure, but it works sorta, ok?  Put the fire out? Check. 

But...  even after drill pilot holes, my screws only went halfway in.  I was glad no one else was there with me to witness that mess.  'Ok, screw out the big ones and try some smaller ones.  I guess size does matter.  Maybe drill in a bit deeper the first time, and really push on the screw the second time...  Nope, it's stuck.  Now the stupid screw is stripped and it won't come out."

Yep, I stripped two screws.  Lovely.  Now I gotta figure out how to get them out.  I did try nailing a nail in, and SURPRISE - it worked.  It went in somewhat sideways though, but it went in.  I can hammer a nail in with little effort but my drill cannot handle drilling a screw into oak.  My trusty Black and Decker (which I STILL can't find) never had this problem.  

So, like when I could not get past a level on Super Mario, and I was ready to through my TV an Nintendo out the window, I had to walk away for awhile.  But not before I started rooting through my wood pieces to find one that had a vaguely arch shape to it.

I had hoped I could put it over one of my pieces of Victorian roof tiling, and hang it on my wall.  I looked at the two together, noting that the red of the tile looked nice against the wood, but it looked somehow familiar.  I stared at it for a while trying to decide if I liked it or not.  Something nagged at the back of my brain.  The tile is about 24 inches tall  and about 12 inches wide.  It's made out of some kind of metal, probably tin, and, knowing my luck, is likely sprinkled with asbestos and/or lead particles.  The wood pieces was curved at the top, flared at the bottom, with three oval cutouts in the middle. 

"If I put a handle on the top an a clapper on the bottom it looks like..."  I thought to myself.  Then it hit me.  It was a cut out bell.  There was no way I could unseen that, and if I put it on the wall, all I would see would be a bell.  So that went back into the wood pile to wait for Christmas, or some other holiday that involves bells.  It was starting to rain by then, so I figured the Universe was telling me that was enough for one day.

Time to go back inside, and watch some more of the British King's Lifeguard and Blues and Royals of the Household Calvary on Youtube.  Gotta love horses.  And men in uniform roaring at tourists with a British accent.